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Elyse DeFranco


I write about wildlife and the environment for a range of outlets, including Undark Magazine, Bay Nature, AudubonEos, Mongabay, California Sea Grant, SF Estuary News, and the Biomimicry Institute, among others. Here's a selection of some of my work. 



Bay Nature


Science News

Science Notes


San Jose Mercury News/Monterey Herald/East Bay Times

Undark Magazine

(Republished in Salon, The Adventure Journal, Canada's National Observer,

Atlantic Media Group's Route Fifty, and included in the Aspen Institute's

Five Best Ideas of the Day)


California Sea Grant



Biological Strategy Pages for

Spire: The Maine Journal of Conservation and Sustainability

  • I produced and edited the 2020 issue as Editor-in-Chief. Check it out and read my Letter from the Editor.

  • A New Model for Environmental Discourse: How an online environmental journal is removing traditional barriers between academia and the local community in rural Maine

Massive Science

SF Estuary News Magazine 

Newsroom, National Association of Science Writers

  • A perfect storm: 2020 has all the indicators for a year of major social upheaval

San Francisco Chronicle

Portland Press Herald





Plant and small‐mammal responses to large‐herbivore exclusion in an African savanna: five years of the UHURU experiment

Proceedings of the Royal Society, Biological Sciences

Low functional redundancy among mammalian browsers in regulating an encroaching shrub (Solanum campylacanthum) in African savannah

Maine Sea Grant Publications

Best Practices for Healthy Beaches and Watersheds in Maine: Potential Bioremediation Strategies for Improving Water Quality

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